Our Latest Music Favs

One of the great joys we share is music!

I’m really so blessed to be able to watch my wife explore and learn new music the same way she has with almost everything else during her transition into her completely new life in America. Everything is a “first” for her and it is one of my truest joys to witness her adventures and explorations as they occur for the first time.

I tell her “it’s like watching a fresh new flower bloom for the first time” every time I see her experience something new. I see it as her creating the Art of her Life, as I closely watch, and listen, from the corner of her own private studio. I love seeing “that look” on her face! There’s always music playing in the background, always music. I don’t think it could be any other way. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Music is woven into the fabric of Our Love, Our Story, Our Lives. There will always be music for Us, even when we desperately try to forget it and block it out. There will always be music for Us.

We’ll be adding new music continuously, we often find new music together that we feel is worthy of “Our List”. For us, music often expesses what words alone can never say. We Love that kinda stuff!

There’s a TON of our favorite music in here, so take your time and waste a perfectly good Saturday morning relaxing with some fesh coffee, or come back often if you enjoy what you hear. If you listen closely and understand the meanings; Here you will discover some of the things we could not find the written words to say.

We hope you enjoy this section of our blog as much as we do!

Ya might want to click the full screen button on some of these. šŸ˜‰

P.S. Sorry about those damned annoying commercials that youTube inflicts upon us!

(We’ve been “exploring” a little Leonard Cohen lately, please do indulge yourselves)


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