A Tribute To MWD’s (Military Working Dogs)

A Tribute To The Military Working Dog (MWD)

“The Warrior Dog Foundation was established by Mike Ritland who fought as a Navy SEAL in Operation Iraqi Freedom and other deployments”.


I Highly Recommend and Strongly Encourage You to Support:

Warrior Dog Foundation

Here is another example of how profound the human/dog relationship really is, and how strong the bonds formed can be.


Published on May 20, 2014

While serving in Afghanistan, U.S. military combat dog Layka was shot four times by the enemy at point-blank range. Despite her injuries, she still attacked and subdued the shooter, saving her handler and the other members of the team. Seven hours of surgery and the amputation of one leg saved her life. Her handler, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald, fought hard to adopt her and she’s now become a part of his family”.

Read more about America’s military working dogs online in National Geographic magazine: “The Dogs of War”

 If you find yourself even considering the adoption of a so-called “rescue pet”, why not adopt a dog that has truly earned their right to have a loving and secure home in a way that no other class ever could? Please support our K-9 Veterans with the same respect you would afford all other U.S Veterans.

Both Have Earned Their Right to a Safe and Free Home.

The United States Military is The Most Powerful Military in the History of Mankind. They are Comprised of an ALL Volunteer Force…

Except for the K-9 Troops.

For more information on these great American Unsung Heroes and how you can help.

As a starting point, SaveAVet.org offers a very helpful and informative guide. To visit their website click the link below.


Adopt A Retired MWD


You can visit the 37th Training Wing directly by clicking the link below.

Official Adoption Website of the DoD Military Working Dog

Currently, there is usually a long waiting list to adopt these dogs. First option to adopt is (now by Law SEE: H.R.2847 and H.R.5314 “Robby’s Law” ) given to the handlers they served beside in combat and/or other members of the military with disabilities and law enforcement agencies. But there are still many private sector adoptions and the need is growing. These dogs and programs are not for everyone, there is a certain level of commitment and effort involved that may not be required with other pets. But the many rewards provided far exceed the small efforts required to literally….

Save a Hero.

GSD Black - Copy

Dogs of War - Copy


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