A Tribute To Our Military

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial DayFlag - Copy

With Deepest Gratitude and Respect, We Honor All Who Serve Both Past and Present…..

“While others may forget, my wife and I will never take for granted the many Freedoms we safely enjoy. We will never forget the great sacrifices required to make Liberty possible for all Americans. We will never abuse our Freedoms by treasonously stomping on the American Flag, and we will hope and pray that we are never required to fly Old Glory upside-down within our own borders. Our trust in our government may waver and fall in doubt at times, but our complete Trust in the American Soldier remains steadfast and unbroken. And we are proud to know…

The United States Military Provides Peace Through Strength to the Entire World.”

We Sincerely Thank You and Your Families!

“As you read this, at this very minute, an American Special Forces Operator is somewhere in the world protecting your Freedom 24/7. You will never know where or when he is there. You will never know his name, nor the names of his Brothers who were killed right beside him. You will never know the dangers of his missions, nor the costs of the outcome. In fact, you will never even know he was there.”

Neither Will Our Enemies.


As you and your family enjoy a great weekend vacation together, or just rest in the comfort of your own home;

 Please do take a few minutes out of your day to view the following videos as a small reminder of the great devotion and sacrifices required to allow us all the Freedoms that we enjoy daily.

Let Us All Never Forget That We Are Americans, The Last Best Hope for Man on Earth.

Because of the Sacrifices of The Brave American Warriors Who’s Name’s We Will Never Know.

Freedom is Not Free.

For those who would like to learn more about the history of America and what makes us great, I highly recommend the following videos.

First up is “The Civil War by Ken Burns“. (Set to re-air the newly remastered documentary Sept. 7th on PBS) Like the millions of other Americans who first saw this documentary in 1990, it changed my understanding of America and war forever.

The Civil War – A Film By Ken Burns



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