Commentary & Criticism

This’ll be an interesting section, and I figure it will grow. But for now I’ll get it started with this.

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey on the radio almost daily until his final broadcast only a week before his death in 2009 at age 90. He began his career in radio at age 14. For many decades before he died, it wasn’t uncommon for millions of Americans of all ages and backgrounds to tune in to his program at the same time every day. From big cities to small farms all across America, awaiting the next broadcast of “The Rest of The Story” which always ended with the familiar sign-off “Paul Harvey. Good Day.“, became a daily routine that everyone looked forward to. Although I didn’t always agree with him, he never left me feeling bitter, nor like I had just been lectured to. I respected him immensely and he always made me actually think about the things he said. I think most Americans felt much the same way about him.

I was 3 years old when the broadcast above was recorded.

We were a Nation that thirsted for the kind of wisdom and common sense that Paul Harvey provided free of charge to anyone within earshot of a radio. Though few knew what he actually looked like in person, we each had a picture of him in our own minds, and we immediately recognized his voice . And we trusted him.

His voice and his wisdom; Is sorely missed.

Paul Harvey


I think it’s very important that we must all remember that no matter who we are now, no matter where we live now, no matter what career we may have now, no matter how much has changed in the world;

We all come from a nation of farmers.

And we as a nation today, are the “branches” of the tree that is so deeply rooted in the hard work and sacrifice of a farmer long ago.

Red Skelton teaches the true meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance.

I believe every American should be required to view this video.

Because of the Brave - Copy


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