Countering Jihad

Politically Short

What does it say about our country that following yet another terrorist attack that the collective response by our “leaders” is to not only condemn an inanimate object but to go further than that and blame Americans for our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? What took place in Orlando, Florida wasn’t because of a gun, nor was it because of the make of the gun or the caliber of the rounds or the size of the clips.

No, what took place in Orlando happened because of the ideology that pulled the trigger. The ideology sought the weapon, the ideology fired the rounds, round after round, until 49 were killed and over 50 more wounded. It was the same ideology that hijacked our planes on 9/11 and flew them into the twin towers and the Pentagon, it’s the same ideology that exploded 2 pressure cooker bombs filled…

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5 thoughts on “Countering Jihad

  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, but Islam will conquer the world.
    We in the west lack the political will to prevent it—even to suggest that the west is being quietly invaded is to bring the wrath of the PC down upon us.

    So we lose by default …


    1. Argus,

      I share your skepticism and tend to agree with you about the weak and pathetic mentality of politicians, and to some extent that of people in general. People, by and large, are indeed ignorant of the facts and are often too lazy, or too stupid to inform themselves.

      But, Islam will never “conquer the world” as you suppose. Why? Simply because the entire Islamic population is comprised of backwards thinking and morally bankrupt masses who have never succeeded at anything other than failure. With rare exception, the vast majority of Muslims are profoundly uneducated, poverty stricken, and highly likely to remain so. Hell, they even wage war against themselves. Over 1400 years of history supports my posit.

      Muhammad himself was a complete failure in his native home (Mecca) and had to travel to Medina to recruit followers. Even then he was only able to do so by perverting the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity while employing terrorism against the inhabitants of Medina. Islam is a disease which can only be spread among the weak and vulnerable. As such, the foundation, no matter how large, will always be equally as weak and vulnerable. And thereby, doomed to fail as they always have.

      True enough, diseases do often wreak havoc and destruction, but ultimately all diseases subside. So too will Islam. Much like the Japanese who “woke a sleeping giant”, eventually the Muslim’s who dare to inflict their disease upon the world will be harshly defeated by the vast superiority of intellect and stubborn determination that directly opposes them. Islam will never “conquer the world”.


      1. All they have to do is—

        * get a few in
        * be quiet little citizens
        * silently multiply
        * outbreed the natives
        * outvote the natives
        * democratically vote for change
        * change ‘democracy’ to Islam

        —and they are doing it. Average Eu couple breeds 1 or at the most 2 kids, Islamic incomers breed about 4 per wife (and they are allowed four wives).
        London now has an elected Islamic mayor, Marseilles is effectively an Islamic city. Not good. I don’t know what great mind (someone pulling Merkel’s strings?) worked their strategy out for them but it is succeeding.

        Fourth Generation Warfare … they are brilliant at it.


        1. I agree, these are all significant events that are happening on a grand scale, primarily throughout Europe. But I still believe they are just symptomatic of a temporary increase in Islamic activity that while well organized, is still doomed to fail ultimately.

          A backlash response is already beginning to develop in Germany which will likely grow with the increased occurrence of Muslim crime and illegal immigration that has already crippled many parts of the country. As the EU begins to disintegrate (and I predict it will eventually) we will hopefully see more anti-Muslim activity throughout Europe and the world despite the best efforts of the PC lunatics that have allowed this mess to grow out of control in the first place.

          It may be a slow and costly process, but I’m confident that eventually the current increase of Islamic growth will be brought to a grinding halt.


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