Sandpit view of the Afghan War Zone….

As we all sit in our warm, comfortable and SAFE homes browsing assorted blogs while the TV blares in the background, let us not forget we are afforded such great comforts and freedom only by the great sacrifice and service of brave young men like the author of this honest and forthright letter home.



A very interesting read, a Marine’s View of what is really going on.  This young man is articulate and has a flare for colorful language, and descriptive prose,  Scorpions, Chiggers & Sand Fleas.  It’s a great letter, a must read for every American citizen.

From a Recon Marine in Afghanistan:

From the Sand Pit

It’s freezing here.  I’m sitting on hard cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains, along the Dar’yoi Pamir River, watching a hole that leads to a tunnel that leads to a cave.  Stake out, my friend, and no pizza delivery for thousands of miles.

I also glance at the area around my ass every ten to fifteen seconds to avoid another scorpion sting.  I’ve actually given up battling the chiggers and sand fleas, but the scorpions give a jolt like a cattle prod.  Hurts like a bastard.  The antidote…

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4 thoughts on “Sandpit view of the Afghan War Zone….

    1. I feel exactly the same way, we applaud the fantastic efforts of you and your family in providing the warm and thoughtful care packages through Operation Gratitude. Bravo, Bravo!!

      Many thanks for your visit and kind comments my friend!

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    1. My pleasure my friend, but the real credit should go to the brave Marine who wrote it, and our friend over at dailyoddsandends for bringing it to us. Many thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉


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