Another Year Passes

Before the year ends I wanted to post just one last time. Although I have been severely remiss in my blogging for far too long, I do keep up with those in my reader who are far more diligent than I. To all who are still patiently awaiting the continuation of my first post I Married An AngelΒ Β please accept my sincere apology and know that I will eventually get around to it. I actually already wrote a 3 page draft but found it lacking so I never published, I reckon I’ll never find enough of the proper words to “describe the indescribable” but I’ll continue to try as time allows. Thank you all for your exceptional patience and interest.

As 2015 comes to a close I/we would also like to sincerely thank our many blogosphere friends whom have provided us, and many others with such wonderful and interesting writing and photography! May the coming year bring each of you contentment and prosperity.

We have been very busy of late with several new projects as well as the constant struggle to survive in a world that barely resembles the life we had expected and hoped for. Throughout it all my dear wife has remained steadfast and ever supportive in all ways, I am truly a very blessed man to have such a fantastic and loving wife, she is my reason for living and brings me nothing but pure love and devotion every single day.

I’ll leave you with a few photos of some of our more memorable experiences of the past year. Until the morrow and the new year, we bid you all a fond farewell and send sincere wishes for all the best to you all.










Spillway 7-8-2015 AM - Copy

Spillway AM 3

Free Grasshoppers




CJ Contemplation-Copy - Copy

Sunset - Copy


13 thoughts on “Another Year Passes

  1. Texas is a great state! I have made a few trips there the past couple of years. My Daughter and her husband, USAF, are now in NM. My wife grew up in Rockdale, TX. She moved to Florida in her senior year. After college she was going to go back to Texas and marry a cowboy, then she met me and said I would do. I was a coach at the time. Anyway beautiful country!

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    1. Sorry to disappoint, the moon pic is the ONLY photo that’s not an original. I agree it’s a great shot! All of the other shots are original and were taken near our home in Central Texas. We hope to publish many more this year. Thanks for your continued patronage my friend. πŸ˜‰


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