My Dad Was A Ball Turret Gunner In World War II by Iris Ruth Pastor

We Must Never Forget.


By Iris Ruth Pastor….


I wasn’t the brightest kid. I grew up believing the tale my father told me — that I had spent World War II being toted around on his back. It wasn’t until I was about 9-years-old that I realized the impossibility. I had been born in August of 1947, years after the war was over. And my father wasn’t traipsing around Europe on foot in the Infantry, anyway — he was a ball turret gunner in The 8th Army Air Corp, operating in a confined space.

The ball turret gunner was one of the most dangerous assignments in World War II. Ball Turret Gunners on B-17 bombers were protected only by a glass bubble jutting out from the bowels of the plane. Permanently fixed and unable to be retracted, there was no hiding from enemy attack. It was an enclosure that at any time…

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2 thoughts on “My Dad Was A Ball Turret Gunner In World War II by Iris Ruth Pastor

    1. Hello my friend thanks for stopping by,

      But I need to clarify I reblogged this post from the dailyoddsandends. It’s from an article written by Iris Ruth Pastor. My father did serve during WWII but he was discharged when they discovered he was actually only 16 (he lied about his age to enlist) Like you, I have the greatest respect and admiration for all who have served. Thanks again for stopping by, we always enjoy visiting your blog as well. 😉

      Doc’ & CJ


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