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The implant is specifically designed to be injected in the forehead.

When properly installed, it will allow the terrorist to speak to God.

It comes in various sizes: Generally from .223 to .50 cal.

The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained
and highly skilled technician, who will also make the injection.

No Anesthetic is required.

The implant may or may not be painless. Side effects, like
headaches, nausea, aches and pains are extremely temporary.

Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site.
In most cases, you won’t even notice it.

Please enjoy the security we provide for you.

Best regards,


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My Dad Was A Ball Turret Gunner In World War II by Iris Ruth Pastor

We Must Never Forget.


By Iris Ruth Pastor….


I wasn’t the brightest kid. I grew up believing the tale my father told me — that I had spent World War II being toted around on his back. It wasn’t until I was about 9-years-old that I realized the impossibility. I had been born in August of 1947, years after the war was over. And my father wasn’t traipsing around Europe on foot in the Infantry, anyway — he was a ball turret gunner in The 8th Army Air Corp, operating in a confined space.

The ball turret gunner was one of the most dangerous assignments in World War II. Ball Turret Gunners on B-17 bombers were protected only by a glass bubble jutting out from the bowels of the plane. Permanently fixed and unable to be retracted, there was no hiding from enemy attack. It was an enclosure that at any time…

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A glimmer of Hope…..

I wish I had found this sooner. My Hope’s for America have waned to the point of near zero…Until I Saw This.

God Bless This Amazing Young Man and His Family. And May God Continue to Bless America.

For ALL who have Served, We Salute You.


Is there hope for our Youth today…after seeing this 11 yr old boy, I have to think that maybe there is…a stunning tribute to our fallen heroes…if this short video does not move you even if you are not a veteran then there is no hope for you…..

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