The River Is Rising

Photo By ~ Jed Jone
Photo By ~ Jed Jone

This is for all of you loyal, “patient and persistent” readers who keep hoping my “River” has finally begun to flow.

Well…… aint.

 But the good news is……

I can feel it coming. I’m not sure how soon nor how quickly it will rise to full flow, but like the smell of rain in the desert…I can sense it coming. I look forward to “entering the flow” soon, with pen in hand. But like rain in Texas, It’ll eventually get here.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a better way of making our music and videos available on our blog. We really love music and it has always played a big part in our lives. I built a completely separate blog to serve as our musical “sister-blog” but it proved to be inadequate itself. I’ve decided to keep it functional and use it as a place to showcase articles or backgrounds on some of our favorite artists. I’ve added it to our menu section or you can access it here: I Married An Angel ~ The Music.

I finally decided on just building our own I Married An Angel youTube Channel, it makes it a lot easier to just click and listen without constantly having to select each video individually. We even created a few of or own videos and will be adding more periodically. (as long as our constant copyright disputes are settled) Our youTube home page can be found here. I Married An Angel.

Life has been a lil’ tough lately so I’ve just kinda been trying to rest up and keep my stress levels down, music has been a way of doing that for awhile. Time waits for no man, so I’m trying to regroup myself a bit and prepare for the River to finally flow. Meanwhile, life goes on.



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