There’s Something Very Wrong With America

There’s DEFINITELY something very WRONG with America!

What I see for the most part is pervasive psychosis. NOT normal, rational thinking. And it extends all the way from the local elementary school, to the Commander in Chief of the most powerful Military in the world.

Racism is most definitely alive and well in America too, in fact it is at a near all-time high. Only in a warped sort of reverse fashion. In many cases those who have long claimed to be the victims of racism, rightfully so or not, have become the worst offenders of all. Pervasive psychosis again. SEE: Psychosis.

Things are so wrong in fact, that a neurotic white woman, posing as a black woman, has been pretending to be the “leader” of the NAACP for years! And getting away with it! SEE: Rachel Dolezal.

And just today, we witnessed the tragic consequences of yet another product of this pervasive psychosis, which resulted in the murder of 9 innocent people during Wednesday night Church Services in South Carolina. SEE: Charleston Church Massacre Also: Ben Carson’s Response.

Nowhere is pervasive psychosis more noticeable and more harmful than it is in the ultra-biased, agenda driven Media. The situation is so twisted and bizarre that today, the Navy Seal who killed Osama Bin Laden, along with his entire Team (SEAL Team 6) are being accused of atrocities by the New York Times. SEE: Robert O’Neil Sounds Off.

Note: (I refuse to link this blog to the NYT, do your own google search to read the deceptive hit-piece they published)

When the American Heroes who fight and die every day to provide the Freedom of The Press are described by the very media they protect as “a global man-hunting machine with limited outside oversight ” and are accused of War Crimes based on unnamed “sources” and third party speculation, it becomes perfectly obvious that the media has an organized agenda which is truly out of touch with reality. Being out of touch with reality is the literal definition of Psychosis.

Repeating the same process over and over while expecting a different result, is the Apex of Insanity“.

When agenda subverts the very purpose of Freedom of The Press, that freedom is automatically made null and void. Agenda driven bias is a self-defeating purpose, and yet another prime example of the pervasive psychosis that grips this Nation. SEE: The Myopia of Mainstream Media.

The First Amendment is all about Freedom, including that of a Free Press. The need of a Free Press is founded and written with the express intent of recording, reporting and preserving the Truth to guard against tyranny. But that does not mean that anyone is “free” to abuse it. Least of all the Press.

Journalism is not “Journalism” at all, if it is skewed by an agenda that obscures or distorts the Truth.

That is called Propaganda.

 There is Definitely Something Wrong With America. And It Began Long Ago.


3 thoughts on “There’s Something Very Wrong With America

  1. Wow, you are so right! ❤ I now know the word to what I am seeing everyewhere- psychosis. Very good to know, thank you. That is terrible about that soldier. Whenever I hear news I am also thinking "ehhh possibly not even true." There is so much propaganda. Hope You and Yours have a beautiful & blessed day! 🙂 ❤ Much love to you both!


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