There Will Always Be Books

….”Said the man who writes words with a keyboard.”

With childlike curiosity, she asked; “Why“?

He thoughtfully replied; “Because my Dear there is just something about a book that can only be found in books. People all over the world love, people passionately love, the very touch, the feel, the smell of a book.”

People who are true readers are purists of a sort. They rarely want to see pictures in the books they are reading. They would much prefer to imagine the pictures and images drawn in their own mind by the portrayal of the words on the page. This leaves them free to draw their own pictures, their own conclusions.

And thereby they themselves literally become a part of the story.

All truly good writers know this, and will invite the reader to become part of the story by skillfully using words to literally paint pictures in the minds of their readers. Pictures that only the readers themselves can see, pictures of their own creation. Many readers may read the same story, but each will have their own unique painting of the story in their mind.

As he spoke he could almost see the light bulbs going off in her head. He could tell by the rapid changes of expression in her young face that she understood exactly what he meant. As he watched, she slowly closed her eyes as if to recall the pictures of a million stories in her mind, then gently touched her fingertips together as if to trace the touch of the binding and pages, he saw her nostrils softly flare as if to deeply breathe in the scent of a long shelved book being opened for the first time.

She knew that touch, she knew that feel, she knew that smell. And she remembered the vivid pictures painted in her own mind by a million written words.

Because she too, is a reader…..And she loves books.

There is an Art to everything.

Writers are Painters of Words.

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