Original Works

This page is provided to showcase some of our original works and offer stories of an unrelated or more enjoyable nature. Enjoy!

These pages are reserved for the original works written and produced by the authors of this blog and some have been previously published ©. If you like what you see and would like to re-use it, we are flattered and usually happy to share. But please do request written permission prior to any usage by clicking HERE to submit your request.

To begin, please enjoy the video below as a prelude to our first entry.

A special note to those who may be grieving the recent loss of your “best friend“.

For Dog lovers like us, there is only one choice after such a devastating loss. Although there is no “replacement” for our special friends, as the following true story demonstrates, they can always live on and remain with us in a new form. And our pain is made lesser because of it.

Find your new “best friend” as soon as you are ready, and know that they are patiently waiting for you just like they always have. In your heart.

More Evidence I Say, That God Made Dogs.

And Now to Introduce Our First Original Work We Present:

“Our Champion, Eva”

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