Dogs Are A Lot Like God

Dogs are a lot like God….”

“They are always with you, watching over you. Through thick or thin, they stay right beside you.

They are Loyal because they Love you, they accept you unconditionally exactly as you are.

Unconditional Love - Copy

They Guide you and Protect you from unseen dangers and often lead your way, even in the darkest of nights.

CanineCombat2 - Copy

They make great Sacrifices for you without hesitation, and expect nothing but to be close to you in return.

K-9 Air Assault - Copy

Wounded MWD


They pay close attention to your every move, and listen intently to everything you say.

Paying Attention - Copy

A bond is formed between you that is unlike any other. They are forever Faithful, and always available to give you comfort and peace. They speak to you in a silent language that only you can share in and understand.


They patiently wait for you to do what you choose to do, hoping that you will not forget to return to them as soon as you can. They do not like to be away from you, and if it were up to them you would never be apart.

You learn from them daily in unexpected ways and you are inspired by the amazing things they do. You learn to Trust them and they require the same of you. They exist on a completely different level, they are naturally who they are. They never act in malice, they do not operate that way. They are Noble by Nature, and their very nature commands Respect.


They live on a Higher Level and in their own Natural Wisdom they must often pity us because we do not live more as they do.

Your-Devoted-Friend - Copy

They know you really need them and they will never abandon you even if you choose to walk away. They are literally your own unique earthly connection to a Higher Level, a much broader view, a greater way of Life. They know the difference between you and them, and they lovingly accept that it is you who truly doesn’t understand…..

Man’s Best Friend.”

Dogs & Angels-Copy

It is only through learning how to speak to each other and understand what the other is really saying in the True and Natural way that we can begin to truly communicate and expand our understanding. Learning how to be part of their world, adds an entire new Dimension to our own. We all should must Learn from the examples that are provided to us through our amazing relationships with Nature in all its many splendid forms.

Especially those special examples we see from our most Devoted Friends who live right beside us and look directly into our eyes every single day.

If I have gained any real Wisdom in my life, I learned it either the hard way, or directly from my Dogs. Both are acts of God. And with the help of that slowly acquired Wisdom I eventually…

Married An Angel.


6 thoughts on “Dogs Are A Lot Like God

    1. Why Thank You!

      I just spent the early morning reading about your great greenhouse project, I grinned from ear to ear, and felt deep heartbreak for your losses. Thank you for such powerful writing and inspiration! 😉


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