I Married An Angel

Eventually, I’ll get around to writing the true love story that will forever remain in your memory, and your heart.

If I am able to do it justice and write well, you may even be forever changed. But even if I am able to write our story well, mere words would scarcely provide the depth of the meanings, nor the truth and miracles hidden within them. When some stories are told, words just pale in comparison, and the true meanings virtually transcend the ability of the human language to describe. I hope to write that kind of story.

I believe we all naturally seek and require the fulfillment that mere words can only fail to describe.

Knowing this in advance, I will try to choose my words wisely while attempting to describe the “indescribable“. I write only when I am naturally and internally inspired to do so. On those very rare and infrequent occasions, the words flow as clear and freely as a spring fed river. I must write like a river. Amongst the flow, in a smooth rhythm that carries me as if I am an observer of my own own life’s story. This is the only way I know how to write, at least in a way that does some small justice to the story being penned. This is the way I want to write, and so I shall.

Until that time comes, and it may be a considerable amount of time; No words will be written here that do not flow directly from “the river”. Rest assured, the “river” will eventually flow, the words will come…I just have to wait until the flow allows me to enter and follow it’s destination.

In the meantime, please do feel free to explore the other pages of our site as I slowly add them by clicking on the “Menu” button above. I hope to build a blog that is both informative, as well as enjoyable. So please do check back periodically if you are so inclined. If you are more than just a little persistent, patient, and curious;

“Eventually” you will be surprised to see that I have finally….written words worth reading.

Imagine if you will, the implications of a Love Story that is truly worthy of such an introduction.

A true story that begins with the title…

I Married an Angel“.

Benjamin-Franklin-Not Be Forgotten- Copy


14 thoughts on “I Married An Angel

    1. Hello Wayne,

      First, sorry for the delay to reply. I have a tendency to quickly check my blog then intend to come back to respond, trouble is I also tend to forget to come back! Apologies. I guess I’ll eventually do more writing but I’m one of those who has to be in the “mood” to write and it just doesn’t happen often, that and time is limited of late.

      We ended up abandoning the chicken farming idea before we got started, my business took too much time and plus it’s impossible to leave home for more than a day when you have animals that depend on you to survive. We may eventually do it but I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

      Regarding the election; I reckon I’m like most Americans in that I don’t think either candidate is acceptable as our next President. The debates are like watching two spoiled little kids argue about whose daddy is tougher. It’s embarrassing as hell and indicative of the level of insanity that now plagues this Nation and the world. Most of us will vote, but it’ll be more a vote against the one we don’t want than it is for one we actually do want. Our political system is broken and extremely corrupt, unless there is a military coup or an outright national revolt, (and soon) I don’t hold much hope for the future.

      People are fed up with the way things are, but sadly, they are also too damned lazy, stupid and complacent to do anything about it. For most Americans, there is a common feeling of helplessness against a system that is so large and destructive, “We The People” have forgotten that WE are in control and have abandoned all responsibility for the security and well-being of our once great nation. The entire situation is disgusting and dangerous, America is in severe decline and has become a place that I barely even recognize anymore. With few exceptions, I am entirely ashamed of what America has become. I never dreamed this could happen in my lifetime.

      This election is undoubtedly the most important election of the post WW II era, not only for America but also for the entire world. What happens here will determine the direction and security of the entire global structure. The doomsday clock now stands at 3 minutes before midnight, and with the current global situation being what it is, and with history as the example, WW III is now inevitable. It’s just a matter of when, not if. In the hopes of staving off the inevitable, and in an attempt to preserve what little remains of sanity in this country, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump. It’s a temporary (and risky) fix at best, but it’s all we have for now.

      Many thanks for staying in touch my friend. I hope I haven’t dampened your day.

      Doc’ & CJ


      1. yes,I’ve heard the same thing from many. To make America great again means buying American products.When people go to Walmart & buy something,that money leaves the country.People buy those things because they are cheaper.If they bought the same product that was made in America,it would most likely be more expensive.People just aren’t going to do that.So the money & jobs are exported to China.Thats the basic problem as I see it,but what do I know from a distance?
        The GOP is like Dr.Frankenstein & Trump is the monster they have created.He is destroying the GOP on his village rampage. I think the fallout will be that Clinton will not only win but the Republicans will lose the Senate & Congress as well. If someone isn’t shot somewhere over this It’ll be a miracle!
        You could become CDN?I’d sponsor you.Good luck Doc & it was good to hear from you.Take care buddy

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  1. I’m glad that you stumbled upon my blog and it led me to yours. I’m a sucker for true love and I’m very happy to find that it still happens in real life. Your words flow freely and beautifully. I’m excited to learn and read more of your story. Looking forward to more of your writings. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mitch,

      Thank you for your uplifting words and for following us! This is my husband and I’s blog but he actually does more of the writing. My personal blog is https://hecallsmehisangel.wordpress.com/

      I am glad that you are wanting to find true love (I guess everybody does) and it’s there, you just have to let fate take you to that person. That’s what happened with us. I wasn’t looking for marriage and he wasn’t either but God had a different plan in mind. We met in the most unexpected time and now, we are both in each other’s arms where we belong. Amazing how God’s plans work, huh? 🙂 My husband is yet to write the full detail of our love story but for now, please feel free to read anything here. I hope you find that perfect love that God has set just for you. 🙂

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      1. You are very much welcome. I like the name of both blogs. “I married and angel and he calls me his angel.” I’ll be sure to check your personal blog. 🙂

        I love reading about love – in fiction or in real life. And you are right. Love will find me. At least, I hope so. For now, I’m enjoying life without the joys and intricacies of love. God has his own way of giving us what we need. May you and your husband keep the love burning. I will sure read his previous writings. God bless to you both. ❤

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  2. One bit of advice if you want it. Your posts can only have “15” tags and catagories or the posts will not hit the overall WP reader. So “posted in” and “tagged” need to equal less than 15, I play it safe and don’t max at 15 because I have seen posts fail. You can obviously tag as you want, but your words are great and should be read. By tagging correctly people will see your posts that aren’t already following your blog. 🙂

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    1. Hello Jason,

      First, thanks for the reblog! Your intro both surprises and flatters me, the response has been amazing. Thank you sincerely.

      And your advice is spot on as usual. I had previously read up on post/tag limits (from another post) and learned about the 15 limit. But I forgot to make the same correction on this page, another amateurish mistake, thanks for the reminder. I’m thinkin’ about changing themes maybe, but I think I really just need to educate myself better on proper design and usage.

      Thanks again my friend!


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